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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer



This is the second book in the Lunar Chronicles, and it introduces two new main characters, Scarlet, and Wolf, while still following the lives of Cinder and the characters in the first novel. I love the romantic relationships that unfold, they are very endearing.


This book is amazing, maybe even more amazing than the first one! The story keeps getting better and better. The way things unfold and the secrets they uncover is like untying a huge knot. This are sometimes frustrating, and predictable, but that didn't bother me. The funny dialogue and exciting story line made it all worthwhile. If anyone needs a new series to fall in love with, this is it. 


I will post a more detailed review on my blog.. I'll post a link here.



Some fun pictures of Scarlet and Wolf...



Reading progress update: I've read 80%.

Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

Lovin' it! I love all the different points of view..

Reading progress update: I've read 40%.

Never Fade - Alexandra Bracken

Very eventful so far!

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I feel like this on a fairly regular basis...

Book Worlds - Landscapes Made in Books

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Cinder  - Marissa Meyer

Hello, hello, I'm back! And done reading totally kick ass books that made me really happy for the past few weeks.. Let's start with this book.. I was kind of skeptical about it, but after reading it, I fell in love! I am really glad I waited this long to read it, because DAMN MARISSA MEYER writes the most frustrating endings on this planet, and maybe even the moon!!! This book is so great, especially for those who enjoy princess stories. I love the way the lives and pasts of all the characters are intertwined, and most of all I love the funny, witty and very cute characters.. This is definitely worth reading... 


There is a little spoiler ahead, but nothing dangerous, this is one of my favourite scenes, it made me laugh so much!!!


CINDER: Do you think it could have virus?

IKO: Maybe her programming was overwhelmed by Prince Kai's uncanny hotness.

CINDER: Can we please not talk about the prince?

IKO: I don't think that will be possible. You're working on his andriod, after all. Just think about the things she knows, the things she's seen--- do you think she's seen him in the nude?

CINDER: Oh, for heaven's sake. You're not helping.

IKO: I'm just making conversation.

CINDER: Well stop.



Yeah... I love Iko, she always makes me laugh.. 



Anyway, when I finished it, it was so good, that I really didn't know how to put my love for the book in words!





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Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins

Great book!! The more I read, the more I loved it, to the point where I couldn't put it down. The only thing I didn't like about it were some of the moments Anna and Kaidan had, they made me angry and frustrated most of the time.


11 Crazy Couples in Books

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Valentine's Day is coming and we're in love spirit this week, however, we've decided to choose unusual and twisted couples. What are your literary love couples picks for Valentine's Week? Sweet or crazy ones?



Warm BodiesR and Julie


He's cold and dead. She's alive and hot. He's zombie, she's human. He's hungry but decides not to eat her. How this will end?


Edward Lorn: The writing is crisp and fresh. Marion's gift for storytelling is remarkable, the way he can describe the smallest things with brilliant metaphors and similes. One of my favorite examples is something I shared here on Booklikes while I was reading the book: "Her hair is a natural disaster, post-hurricane palm trees." That ten-word sentence tells you so much in the context of the scene click to continue


There's more to life than reading, but it's a good place to startIt was a short and sweet read of what makes us human and the transformative power of love click to continue


A Reciprocal Love Affair With BooksWhat a massive responsibility, being a moral creature. That one line seems to sum up the novel click to continue




Heathcliff and Catherine


Their relationship is intense, full of dark obsessions and destructive emotions. If real love means hurting each other day and night, those two reached level master.


The Boat Was My FriendWuthering Heights represents a massively important landmark in literature for a reason: It is overwhelming. I literally can't think of any tale of love that is as wild, as intense and as diabolic as the story of Catherine and Heathcliff click to continue


Eccentric Musings: This novel is such an accomplishment. Emily Brontë, you ROCK click to continue


Nostalgia Reader: As someone who probably likes dark and dreary reads more than they should, I was fascinated by the characters and their hopeless stories, as well as the setting and general culture of the novel click to continue



Jamie and Cersei Lannister


Telling the truth George RR Martin's world is full of crazy couples but this one... oh my! Those twins are evil, spoiled rotten, cruel and much in love. And they will kill anyone who wants to reveal their secret.


BTW I like books: It took me quite a bit to get through this. Not only because it's over 800 pages long, but also because there's only a certain amount of drama and intrigue I can take click to continue


Liz* ~ Procrastinator Extraordinaire: The complexity of the characters and their dynamic was incredible. Ugh, what can I say of this awesome characters? Just to name a few: Arya: Mother of God, this girl was a total badass click to continue


Owl Tell You About It: I’m so sick of accidentally finding out who dies in this series that I decided it was time to read it click to continue



   Lestat and Louis


 In one of interviews the author, Anne Rice, said it's OK to perceive Lestat and Louise as a same sex couple and Claudia as their daughter (read the interview). That's how the era of vampires started.


The World of Alice D.: While the sheer fantasy usually deals only with action and invest everything in one goal, to interest the reader, this novel cuts deep into the very nature of beings it  deals with and consider their complex thoughts and feelings click to continue


Raging Snarky Stormtrooper Pony: This is one of those modern classic vampire tales, one that I've been meaning to read ever since I got interested in vampires back with "Twilight" click to continue


Sharon L: Anne Rice has captivating writing style, it's just like reading a fairytale, a dark one click to continue



Bridget Jones and Daniel Cleaver


Bridget and Daniel are far from being a perfect couple. Their relationship is a total disaster, full of misunderstandings and unfulfilled hopes. 


Tina Sandevska: But girl, did I like that book! Although in a format of a very untypical diary, the book gives a very, veryrealistic idea of how women feel about themselves, their relationships click to continue


Ceridwen: What a perfectly brilliant snack of a book, but I don't mean that in a dissy, ironic, you're not really literature kind of way. Comedy is hard, maybe harder than drama click to continue



Katniss and Peeta


He lovers her, he loves her not.

She loves him, she loves him not.

True or false?


Cintia loves books: The writing is so simple and concrete but so well done that it doesn't matter if you're 15 or 25 years old, you'll be hooked from the beginning and, like me, you won't be able to drop the book and go to bed click to continue


BUGGY: Initially I had no idea what this book was about or what to expect in terms of YA writing, it had just been recommended to me by so many people and had such a buzz surrounding it that I had to find out for myself why click to continue


Angela @ Touch the Night: The relationships between Katniss and everyone around her was something I truly enjoyed. For all her rough edges, Katniss has a very big, soft heart and you could easily see that in her thoughts and conversations click to continue



Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler


She was a fire and he was a sparkle which heated her up. They were meant to be together but Scarlett needed a lot of time to realized that and in the meantime Rhett got tired of waiting. Well, who wouldn't?  She had it coming.


A Great Book Study: While I was reading the last chapter of Gone with the Wind, I could feel this lump welling up inside my throat, and my eyes became blurry with tears.  I did not want to believe this story was going to end this way click to continue


Crash My Book Party: This story of life, loss and love during the American Civil War was absolutely compelling reading, and I guess you could say I become a little obsessed with it! The heroine, Scarlett O'Hara, was flawed and far from perfect, but I think that is one of the reasons why I liked her click to continue


Book rêveur: I think there is actually no need to write about Mitchell`s masterpiece, because if you don`t know the story then were have you been all your life? click to continue



 Nick and Amy


Nick and Amy Dunne's difficult toxic marriage makes the book a real unforgettable page turner.


Lazy Reading Nook: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is a thrilling story.  This would be a great comparison to The Neighbors by Ania Ahlborn.  They both have great themes, and not predictable click to continue 


I'll think of a damn title laterOften I can guess a plot twist, and I did do that on this one, but even as a huge twist is revealed in the middle of the book, there are more coming. It's staggering, and the ending is so dark that I think Shirley Jackson would have grinned in delight at the sheer nihilism of it click to continue


Lanaia @ The Temporary Escape: Gone Girl is a really thrilling read and one of the best psychological mysteries I’ve ever read click to continue




Captain Ahab and Moby Dick   


Ouch, this human-animal relationship is mad! Captain is obsessed with a whale, and The Whale with the Captain. You can feel the drama in the air or in the water. 


AmySea: If you have to read Moby Dick, or choose to read Moby Dick, I would like to suggest that you listen to the audiobook version narrated by William Hootkins.  His narration of this book won the 2006 Audie Award for Solo Narration, and I know I'd have never finished this book if William Hootkins hadn't been reading it to me click to continue


Forrest Aguirre, in the Leaves: I really liked Moby Dick. It’s not nearly the daunting Leviathan that some led me to believe it was. Nor was it as boring as my little dalliances within its excerpts had initially indicated. No, actually, it was good. Really good click to continue


Kim Reads and Bakes: Melville wrote beautiful prose and created intensely memorable characters. Yet another is that the novel is a bit like life: sometimes there’s high drama and hustle and bustle, but there are lots of fairly dull bits in between click to continue



Dolores and Humbert Humbert


She's a twelve years old girlish girl and he's middle-aged literary scholar obsessed with young girls. Do we need to go further?


Cam★: This book left me at a loss of words, not because I don’t know what to say, but rather because entire phrases are amassing in my brain, asking me to be the first to be written and recorded on my review. Where should I start? With Lolita, it’s impossible to form rational, logical and organized thoughts click to continue


Pandamonium: This book, to me, read like it was more about words than anything. It showed how words can fool you as much as enchant you, at how they can hide stories as much as tell them click to continue


Michael's Book Babble: And man... what a story. It is by no means an easy read or story to take. The narrator of this tragic and doomed tale is indeed sick and perverse, yet Nabokov writes him as a real, living breathing person click to continue



Dreary and Naughty


He is the son of the Grim Reaper and she is the daughter of the Devil in high school for mortal children. School years are crazy enough without being a non-human creature, aren't they?


Merry Meerkat Marginalia: Very original. Loving the poetry and the black and white art is great too.   This is a great graphic novel. I wasn't positive about it at first but by the end I totally loved it.  It’s a cute love story click to continue


Are you in (book) love spirit this week? :)

Rapture by Lauren Kate

Rapture  - Lauren Kate

This book had good parts and bad parts. For most of the book I was just really annoyed with Luce because what she took like four chapters to figure out was so painfully obvious to the reader. I did think that the story was sweet, and I actually liked the ending. I thought it was clever how the author had her remember all her lives, all the way back to the very beginning, and the story of how Daniel and Luce first fell in love was also very nice. Over all it was a nice ending to the series, if you don't absolutely and completely dislike Luce. I am just happy that I finally finished it!

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Succubus Revealed by Richelle Mead

Succubus Revealed - Richelle Mead

I loved this series, and this last book is no exception. It was the perfect ending. It answered all the questions I had and left me very satisfied. There were some sad parts but I guess a writer's gotta do what a writer's gotta do. I mean it did feel like nothing important or shocking happened, and the ending was kind of predictable, but that doesn't bother me because I wanted her to have a happy ending so badly. I got through this book really quickly, it was effortless and enjoyable. 

City of Heavenly Fire  - Cassandra Clare
"“Okayyyyy,” Isabelle said in a low voice, “When did Brother Zachariah get hot?” "

Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Can I give it 10 stars??



I cannot believe what just happened, this is what I look like after finishing the book..


Needless to say, I really, really, really enjoyed it!! The series definitely does get better, unlike some that after the second or third book become boring. 


Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I simply loved this book! It was one of those books that I could not put down and ended up reading in a day. I mean sure, it wasn't perfect, I had moments where I rolled my eyes and just got angry about how stupid Daemon and Katy were acting. Anyway, I would recommend this book, and series for anyone trying to get over another series they love. It definitely helped me after I finished reading Fiery Heart, by Richelle Mead.


I loved all the banter and romantic scenes between Daemon and Katy, and the part where her mom caught them in Katy's just made me laugh out loud. 

In loving memory of Adam, whose grown on me and whose death made me tear up when I reached the phase where I was no longer in denial

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