Cinder  - Marissa Meyer

Hello, hello, I'm back! And done reading totally kick ass books that made me really happy for the past few weeks.. Let's start with this book.. I was kind of skeptical about it, but after reading it, I fell in love! I am really glad I waited this long to read it, because DAMN MARISSA MEYER writes the most frustrating endings on this planet, and maybe even the moon!!! This book is so great, especially for those who enjoy princess stories. I love the way the lives and pasts of all the characters are intertwined, and most of all I love the funny, witty and very cute characters.. This is definitely worth reading... 


There is a little spoiler ahead, but nothing dangerous, this is one of my favourite scenes, it made me laugh so much!!!


CINDER: Do you think it could have virus?

IKO: Maybe her programming was overwhelmed by Prince Kai's uncanny hotness.

CINDER: Can we please not talk about the prince?

IKO: I don't think that will be possible. You're working on his andriod, after all. Just think about the things she knows, the things she's seen--- do you think she's seen him in the nude?

CINDER: Oh, for heaven's sake. You're not helping.

IKO: I'm just making conversation.

CINDER: Well stop.



Yeah... I love Iko, she always makes me laugh.. 



Anyway, when I finished it, it was so good, that I really didn't know how to put my love for the book in words!