The Weather Girl by Amy Vastine

The Weather Girl - Amy Vastine

I liked this book a lot! It was perfect size for travelling and the copy I received was large print, so incredibly easy to read. The story is so sweet. I found it very clever, and liked the way the author incorporated the weather and football themes in the book. She also was very clever with naming the characters. I liked the dual point of view, because most novels I've read that were similar to this always had just the woman's point of view, so for me, it was something new and refreshing. I really liked the characters, they were quirky and adorable. The reason I rated it only three stars was because though it was sweet, and all that I found that it wasn't as amazing as other books that I gave a higher rating to. It is definitely worth a read if you want a little distracting and it works perfectly for when you are travelling.